Shabbes in Upper Remety 2022: Song Sheet and Lyrics, Temple Beth Israel (Hankus Netsky)

Shabbes in Upper Remety 2021: Song Sheet and Lyrics, Temple Beth Israel (Hankus Netsky)

The YIddish Voice – Best of Purim (2020)

Boston Globe: Morris Hollender, 88; survived Auschwitz, kept traditions, melodies alive (Obituary) (PDF)

The Yiddish Voice: Mark David podcast in memory of Morris Hollender (2015)

The Yiddish Voice Podcast (interview and Purim Kiddush at 40:00) Jan 7, 2015

Boston Central: The Purim Show: Announcement and Dialogue, 2013

Jewish Advocate: Music, Divorce, and some ‘Jewish Hillbilly Culture’ , 2013

WBUR: Chanukah melodies, 2010 (Audio broadcast with Hankus Netsky and Morris Hollender) (PDF)

Boston Globe, Waltham Temple Celebrates Hanukkah Traditions of Eastern Europe (PDF) 2010

Letter from Morris Hollender to President Bush, 2008

Morris Hollender, A Letter to our Friend Mr. Morton Freiman about our experiences during World War II (transcribed) (handwritten), 2000 and at US Holocaust Memorial Museum Archive

Thank You Letter from Morris Hollender to Temple Beth Israel after Torah Cover Dedication (1999)

Waltham News Tribune, 1999 (Torah Cover Dedicated at Temple Beth Israel in honor of Morris Hollender)

Panametrics Salutes and Exceptional Employee, 1998

Speech about visit to Prague to Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood by Morris Hollender in 1991

Letter to US Holocaust Memorial Museum with 18 photos documenting Holocaust atrocities. Photos provided by Abe Kennen, past president of Temple Beth Israel, who was among the American soldiers who liberated some of the concentration camps in Germany. 1994

The Yiddish letter that Morris Hollender wrote to HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) in 1967, letting them know that he and his wife had been granted permission to leave Czechoslovakia. 

Morris and Morris at the Yiddish Book Center exhibit.
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